Our Team

Our team includes interdisciplinary senior consultants, experts and technicans from verious disciplines with the main focus on agriculture, aquaculture, post-harvesting, processing, animal feed, fertilizer, renewable energy and waste managment. We are well connected to institutes and universities and have access to further experts from Europe and Asia. Vedico Group is able to provide expertes to countries around the world to satify costumers expectation of best service at side.

Prof. Dr. Vu Hong Quang

Prof. Quang is specialised is seed breading. He is adviser to governments on rice production and holds interlectual property rights of several high yield rice varieties, which are suitable for Africa.  

Thanh Huong Tu

Senior project manager with over 30 years of experience in Europe, Asia and especially Vietnam. Her expertices are market studies and linking up companies and their products to markets.

Burkhard Buss

Mr. Buss is managing director of BHB International Project Managment with long working experience in consultancy and building up co-operation between European companies and development market partners. He has worked internationally in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Ai Nghia

Ms. Nghia is a crop scientist and specialised in organic agriculture and farming systems. She is also lecturer and trainer of trainers for farmers with the focus on poverty alleviation, sustainable rural development and climate change.

Dr. James Kajete

Dr. Kajete brings to Vedico Group his love and passion to New institutional economics, an economic perspective that attempts to extend economics by focusing on the social and legal norms.

Pham Vietn Hung

Mr. Hung has a Master degree in water resource managment and is specialist for irrigation, water treatment, climate change adaption and green growth.

Dr.-Ing. Vu-Han Viet

Dr. Viet has a profound engineering background and is specialist on renewable energy, environment and wast to energy. He has experience in handling and management of large projects.

Kuyu Dhel

Kuyu Dhel has studied Agricultual Scienes in Germany. He is a consultant in food and nutrition security, rual development and livelihood programms. He hold many  agricultural workshops in the region of East-Africa.

Nicholas Kafeero

Mr. Kafeero has a Bachelor Degree in Development Economics and is project coordinator and public relations manager. He is working in Uganda for business develoment in the areas of Logistics, Construction, Oil & Gas, etc.

Dipl.Ing. Christian Schweizer

Architect Christian Schweizer studied architecture and city planning at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. He is a well known specialist in the old traditional vedic science of Maharishi Vastu construction.

Dr. Denis Coulibaly

Dr. Coulibaly is development expert in rual areas. His focus is on empowering communities and co-operatives. He has work for several NGO projects and is manager of PLEA e.V. in Germany.

Dr. Ha Minh Toan

Dr. toan is pharmacist and expert in Malaria medication and Anti-Malaria campains. He had helped Vietnam to eradicate malaria in the 1990´s. His expertise is also in farming of medical herbs, extraction and production of health products.

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