People - Know How - Joint-Venture

After many years of international work, we are offering our connections, know how and experience as consultant to governments, organisations, industries and businesses on one hand.

On the other hand we are building up an international group, investing in the fast growing market of Africa. Hereby we are joining local partners and companies in areas where we have international contacts and expertise, so that we can directly support our joint-venture partners.


Presently we are investing in Sierra-Leone in the production of seeds to provide high yield and high quality certified seeds to West-Africa farmers. Furthermore we are providing training, agricultural services, inputs and equipment to local farmers and agriculture businesses.

Our goal is a substancial input into the development of African markets and industries.

Vedico Group

Headquarter Of Regent Road / Leicester Square - IMATT
2 Sahr Johnny Drive
Freetown - Sierra Leone
Phone: +232 766 534 97
E-mail: info(at)

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