Bright Investment and Tech Solutions Ltd. (BITS)

Bright Investment and Tech Solutions, BITS LTD is an indigenous registered company with main office located in Juba South Sudan, the company is actively engaged in local and international business. Currently the company is in a strongly in a position to carry out wide spectrum businesses in various sectors in the Republic of South Sudan. However the company strive to keep international standard to provide reliable, timely and sound services to its clients all over the country through direct linkages, coordination and cooperation with regional and international actors and partners in other parts of the world.

The objective of the company

The main objective of BITS limited is to provide excellent, reliable and quality services to all clients and dealing with consistent general trading, import and export of commodities and lawful trade items of all kinds, further to that the company is actively engaged in various business activities as outlined below:

  • * Supply of foodstuff and other commodities
  • * Supply of petroleum and its products, and construction materials, electrical equipment, solar system and other related materials
  • * Supply of computer hardware, Software and different communication equipment
  • * Dealing in timber business and its products

Further to our commitment to the major objectives of the company, Bits (LTD) will always assure best quality services to all clients, in this regards all efforts will be geared towards meeting the expectation and needs of our clients and business partners, since its inception in 2011 BITS has been producing timber and other products related to timber locally and exporting the same from South Sudan to other countries in the region and beyond.

The major activities of the company

The main objectives of Bright Investment and Tech Solutions LTD, (BITS) are as stated below:

  • * Mainly dealing in timber business and its products, including making of furniture locally
  • * General trades, merchandise, commodities and lawful trade items of all kinds
  • * Dealing in wholesales business, retail in timber and timber products, distribution of goods and other merchandise related to timber, transportation as well as construction

The company is planning for establishment of hardware, warehouse, workshops, showrooms and timber distribution centres in South Sudan.

Timber business

As a registered company, BITS is working very closely with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Cooperative and Rural Development in South Sudan and the local private growers to source the required quantities of timber logs or beams that are ordered by the clients. The same quantities will be marketed and delivered to the clients based on the arrangement made by the two parties, in case of local demand the product will be delivered to the traders or carpentry workshops.

BITS - Bright Investment and Tech Solutions Ltd.
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